Fresh Coast Seafood

Our fresh fish selections were caught the day before they are delivered. When you receive your fish on Thursday, it was swimming in the ocean on Wednesday. It is flown in overnight, packaged specifically for you on Thursday morning, and then delivered directly to you at home.  No other service in northern Utah can offer you the freshness and value we do.

Our frozen offerings have been carefully selected from suppliers we know and trust.  They provide the best cuts, most responsibly raised, and then frozen and packaged with the most up-to-date technology.  These practices allow us to bring you the best tasting fish and seafood available in the market.

Most of our fresh ocean-swimming fish comes from Hawaii through the Honolulu fish auction. The Hawaiian fishing grounds are some of the most sustainable in the United States and perhaps in the world. There is very little bycatch (unwanted and unused fish) and all fish brought to auction are sold daily thereby ensuring their freshness. Our agent at the auction is experienced and knowledgeable and will not purchase fish that doesn’t meet our quality of standards. For our customers, Fresh Coast Seafood is like a personal agent making seafood selections in one of the freshest fish markets of the world.

Our halibut, salmon, seaweed salad, cod, and crab are sourced through our agent in Seattle who has access to the bounties of the Pacific northwest—American and Canadian. The Alaskan fisheries are managed well and exercise sustainable fishing policies. Eat with the confidence of knowing that serving fish to your family is not degrading our ocean resources.

Another key supplier is our agent in New Orleans, Louisiana who supplies our stock of wild and farmed shrimp. Wild shrimp is harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. Our Louisiana agent also has access to some more exotic offerings such as crawfish and alligator; these are available from time to time depending on their seasonal availability. Their commitment to providing high-quality shellfish, whether wild-caught or farmed, will be apparent the first time you take a bite.

Our contact in Boston, Massachusetts supplies our scallops and other east coast specialties. Your favorite restaurant may pale in comparison after you’ve bitten into a perfectly caramelized scallop with herb butter.